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Sacha Lodge provides you with a unique opportunity to explore and experience one of the world’s last natural frontiers while being accommodated in total comfort. One moment, you might be totally absorbed in the tranquility of the verdant panorama, the next moment your attention could be captured by the beauty of an exotic orchid, and then suddenly you might be astonished by the appearance of a rare creature that you never before imagined seeing in real life. The Amazon rainforest has more diversity than any other ecosystem.
It will overwhelm your senses and challenge you to experience, comprehend and treasure all that this special place has to offer. Our remarkable forest tower puts you at a breathtaking place above the treetops where you can gaze across miles of intact rainforest. Here you also have the chance to observe up-close many wonderful plants and animals living in the forest canopy. From the tower alone, we have identified nearly 200 bird species and our bird list from the Sacha Lodge area is fast approaching 500 species.


Adventure beckons from the treetops, the jungle floor, the water, and even from the sky

Encounter the creatures that prowl through your dreams

Live the magic of the Ecuadorian Amazon

The journey is all part of the Amazon adventure​

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