Anakonda Amazon Cruise


The Anakonda Cruise allows you to have authentic and mystical experiences of daily living in a river in the Amazon. Look closely at ancient local indigenous communities and also fascinating walks in the virgin jungle. All walks begin with a small motorized canoe trip, then by your own feet you will enter a jungle full of endemic flora and fauna. With a little luck, you can see toucans, lazy, pink river dolphins and perhaps many more animals, while the sun hides, giving a dream and reserved show for a few who decided to take a walk in the Anakonda.


  • Paddling by canoe to Piranha Lake in search of white caiman and Water monkey fish.
  • Observe up to hundreds of parrots descending on a “clay lick.”
  • Explore the waterways of the flooded Pañayacu Biological Corridor
  • Learn about traditions of indigenous Kichwa women
  • Visit to indigenous villages at the river’s edge.
  • Rainforest hikes, birding walks, nocturnal river safaris…

Amazon Jungle Trips​

This journey takes us into the endless heart of biodiversity, the Amazon Basin. Our First-Rate River Cruise Vessel makes it possible for you to explore the remote nature of this jungle in total comfort and leisure. The Anakonda Amazon Cruise is our state-of-the-art vessel specifically designed to navigate on the Napo River in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Our wide array of onboard services and amenities will ensure your full comfort and enjoyment as you explore this region of the world.

The Anakonda Amazon Cruise, winner of the World Travel Award as South America’s Leading Boutique Cruise, offers an exclusive experience characterized by comfort, exceptional culinary offerings and once-in-a-lifetime journeys involving Amazonian cultural immersion, unique and vibrant wildlife, and the unrivaled wonders of its many ecosystems. In this rich and diverse environment, we have the chance to observe enchanting animals such as the pink river dolphin, giant otters, and turtles, as well as hundreds of native birds and primates, while navigating along the region’s freshwater rivers, both white-water and black-water.

Our guests will enjoy Ecuador’s pristine Amazon region in total comfort on board with our first-class facilities: 14 Standard Suites offering spacious accommodations, air conditioning, private bathrooms with hot water, French balconies and ceiling-to-floor windows. Our 4 Deluxe Suites come complete with all of the above, plus private balconies and private whirlpool bathtubs. We invite you aboard to experience our cozy Bar and Lounge, Conference Room and Reading Room featuring breathtaking views; our Al Fresco Shaded Lounge, Panoramic View Restaurant and Outdoors Hot Tub on the vessel’s top deck. We also have a Boutique and concierge for a journey that is both relaxing and exhilarating!

We are committed to caring for natural resources and the conservation of local cultures by applying responsible and sustainable tourism practices and community involvement in all of our operations. We have also developed Capi’s Amazon River Program (CARP), two non-profit sustainable rescue programs for endangered animals in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest: the charapas turtle and the pink river dolphin

Anakonda Amazon Cruise

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