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Tandayapa Bird Lodge is an Andean cloudforest lodge designed for nature lovers. Everything about the place has this in mind, be it the deck with hummer and fruit feeders, the outdoor jacuzzi, the setups available for hummingbird photography, or the forest blind and on site trails for birding. It is also well-located, within the heart of many great birding areas, making it a great base to visit a variety of local sites.

This is a place where nature lovers, photographers, and birders will feel at home. It is not unusual to walk into the main lodge and see a scattering of binoculars, telescopes and cameras lying around.


Tandayapa Bird Lodge has long been established as a “mecca” for bird photographers. The lodge has 2 principal photography areas:

The BALCONY. – This area is where you can take photos of around 16 species of hummingbirds using either natural light, or by using Multiflash Techniques in order to get the “perfect” shot and freeze their rapidly beating wings in flight. The lodge has a number of professional photo guides that can teach the use of Multiflash Techniques to achieve these astounding results for yourself, and it can also rent equipment (extra flashes, tripods and backdrops), for doing this too.


FRUIT FEEDERS – On the other side of the main building, and within view of the many of the dining tables, lies the fruit feeders, which are stocked with bananas, papayas and other tropical fruits daily. These attract a variety of birds, including an assortment of tanagers, with Golden, Flame-rumped and Golden-naped Tanagers being the most regular of these. Rufous Motmot, Toucan Barbet, Thick-billed Euphonia and Crimson-rumped Toucanet are all also routine visitors. The feeders also get sporadic visits from other animals too, like olingos, kinkajous by night, and squirrels and an impressive local carnivore, the Tayra, by day.


Tandayapa Bird Lodge and its surrounds are located within the most popular and accessible areas for birding in Ecuador, which is one of the best countries in the world for birds, boasting more than 1600 species within its borders. eBird lists more than 420 bird species for Tandayapa Bird Lodge, and when you add the extra species possible on day trips from there, it increases to more than 600 species in areas accessible from the lodge. Therefore, it is unsurprising that Tandayapa Bird Lodge is listed as a Birding Hotspot in eBird, regularly featuring among the top 30 of these in Ecuador.

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5 people $167  $524  $870  $1265  $1385 
Single sup. –    $100  $200  $200  $200 
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2 people $384  $996  $1515  $2003  $2302 
3 people $345  $926  $1395  $1825  $2135 
4 people $268  $751  $1134  $1525  $1700 
5 people $210  $667  $1015  $1405  $1600 
Single sup –    $100  $200  $200  $200 


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