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The Cuyabeno Lodge is designed to host rainforest travellers in harmony with the surrounding environment and is attuned to the needs of the modern visitor. It works together with a Siona community whose members provide the canoe transportation as well as their knowledge of the jungle. The lodge is the only one in the Laguna Grande and was the first in the Cuyabeno Reserve.


Cuyabeno Lodge is an eco-friendly lodge and one of the pioneers offering tours in the Cuyabeno WILDLIFE RESERVE

It is located in the Laguna Grande offering the quick access to the highlights of the reserve.

Sustainable tourism and the protection of the rainforest are the values on which Cuyabeno Lodge was founded and is still operating today.

Cuyabeno Jungle Trips

Cuyabeno Lodge - Cuyabeno Rainforest Lodges

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