Tapir Lodge

Acerca de nosotros

Located in the pristine Amazonian Rainforest of Ecuador within the Cuyabeno Reserve, Tapir Lodge is a distinct and one of a kind experience in the world. With its unique and comfortable accommodations, Tapir caters to guests who are looking to venture into the rainforest and be witness to some of the most amazing spectacles on earth. This rainforest lodge will fill you with Flora and Fauna sightings, its hammocks will tempt you to take a “siesta” (nap in Spanish), the bar will entice you with tropical delights and traditional Ecuadorian meals served only with the freshest ingredients will keep you fit for any adventure.

Lo más Destacado ...

  • Trabajar con el medio ambiente

  • Nosotros somos apasionados con nuestro trabajo

  • Nosotros trabajamos localmente

  • Somos expertos en la selva

  • Tendrás una experiencia personalizada

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