Casa Etno-Ahuano

Upper Napo River Lodges


In the Amazonian heart of Ecuador, in the midst of the Quichua territory with its intense shamanic tradition and deep ancestral culture, lies the region of Ahuano. There, right on the banks of the mighty Napo River, stands the Ethno-Ahuano House. A unique place where we preserve the atmosphere of tranquility, respect, and environmental protection that has been the age-old tone of life in the jungle. We cultivate endemic trees, medicinal plants, and vines, and keep certain traditional Quichua and Shuar ceremonies alive.


  • A place where you can still hear old stories told unhurriedly, stories that help you find the meaning of life.

  • Experience being a person, not just a data point, from the moment you arrive at the house.

  • Enjoy some contemplative life, free from the avalanche of changing information that drowns the current world.

  • Experience the depth of time when it is the gateway to creativity.

  • Untouched nature, with its immense power and beauty, is there, within reach of your senses.

Casa Etno-Ahuano - Tena - Upper Napo River Lodges

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